Nursery Schools Fareham

Nursery Schools Fareham
Fun filled days of learning and discovery Growing Places have been providers of not-for-profit childcare for over 20 years in Havant and Fareham Boroughs; we invest in our facilities, staff and resources and are committed to ensuring the highest quality of care and education for your child. As a charitable company Community Childcare Centres operates a variety of childcare centres around Havant and Fareham Boroughs caring for children aged from 6 months to 11 years. Well trained, highly motivated and committed staff ensure that all our children are provided with a safe, secure, warm, stimulating play and learning environment.
We have 4 NURSERY/PRE-SCHOOL sites:
and 6 AFTER-SCHOOL/HOLIDAY CLUBS: MILL HILL (Mill Hill Primary, St Peters, Springwood, Hulbert Junior and Stakes Hill Infant); COWPLAIN (Hart Plain Infant and Junior, Queens Inclosure); OAK MEADOW (Oak Meadow, Orchard Lea, Uplands Primary); EMSWORTH Primary; MORELANDS Primary; BEREWOOD Primary
Growing Places is a charitable company, committed to enhancing lives, raising aspirations and creating opportunities for all stakeholders (children, their families, employees and volunteers) 
Nursery Shools Fareham
 To fulfill this Mission statement we focus on: 
Delivering an excellent service, which is flexible in meeting individual need(s) 
Strengthening  parental  partnerships 
Growing our people, securing the team of the future 
Providing safe, engaging facilities within each setting 
Ensuring good governance  
In all of the above areas, clear intentions for the future are stated, along with current standards, which the company will maintain.
We work hard to meet the individual needs of ALL children and their families. It is of great importance that you and your child feel welcome in our settings and treat them as a warm extension of your own home.


Nursery Schools Fareham

Digital Marketing That Focuses on User Intent – Avinash Kaushik #MPB2B


“It’s not the ink, it’s the think.”

This quote was the basis for Avinash Kaushik’s opening keynote at MarketingProf’s B2B Marketing Forum. For those of you that don’t know, Avinash is a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and best-selling author.

According to Avinash, the difference between companies that will be great and those that will die (either quickly or slowly) are the ones that understand how to obsess about the think. Thinking about how your company can connect with people and execute process and structure will make you masters of marketing. Below are some of the many highlights from his entertaining, informational and inspiring keynote.

The Growth of Digital

In 2015, digital consumption has far surpassed all other forms of media including TV, print and radio. The main reason that digital has come to dominate consumption is that everyone is constantly connected to their mobile devices. If you understand the implication you should be joyous as marketers.

Mobile devices are incredibly powerful in that they allow you to be closer to your prospects, customers and colleagues all of the time. That is a phenomenal gift to each of us as marketers because we are in the business of influence. At the end of the day, that is all we do.

Rethinking the Marketing Funnel

“Imagine yourself as a regular human being and not a marketing robot.”

Image via the Marketoonist

Image via the Marketoonist

The framework that we all learned was the traditional marketing funnel that includes some variations of awareness, consideration, conversion and advocacy. As a consumer, ask yourself; when was the last time that you purchased something and went down that path?

Instead, we should be considering a framework that solves business problems and is not selfishly trying to move prospects down the path of our choosing. A common mistake made by B2B marketers is to use information like job title to define a prospect without including any information about their intentions.

Alternatively, consider making decisions based on user behavior as a means to determine what is relevant for your target audience.

A New Business Framework: The 4 Clusters of Intent

In the interest of better serving customers, Avinash recommends building a new frame work for marketing that focuses on the following four categories of intent:

  1. See: Figure our who is your largest addressable qualified audience:
  2. Think: Largest addressable qualified audience, with weak commercial intent.
  3. Do: Largest addressable qualified audience, with strong commercial intent
  4. Care: Current customers, with two, or more, commercial transactions.

The goal should not be to move people through the marketing funnel, but to understand their intent.

How to Put This Framework Into Action

Normally, a company’s strategy involves driving a bunch of people to their website in the hopes that a small number of people will convert by completing a lead form. But what happens to the rest of your visitors? Perhaps you have a large number of visitors that aren’t ready to make a purchasing decision, but are still very qualified to make a purchase in the future.

Website user intent

Avinash used the example of XTRAC Solutions’ approach to providing value for visitors that want to make a decision now, and those that may not be ready.

Someone can obviously sign up for a demo or complete a contact form but there are other options available such as using their workflow calculator, downloading an eBook, sign up for their email list, watch videos or follow them on social networks. There is virtually something for everyone.

Xtrac Solutions

Xtrac Solutions solves for near term intent , but they also have a content strategy that covers all intents. Instead of solving for 2% of people that engage with them. They’re solving for everyone that is a part of their qualified audience.

I look forward to seeing what you think about Avinash’s recommendation for changing our approach to digital marketing from a funnel, to focusing on user intent. If you’re attending the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum I encourage you to attend TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden’s session, Participation Marketing: If You Want B2B Content to Be Great, Ask Your Community to Participate today at 4pm.

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Digital Marketing That Focuses on User Intent – Avinash Kaushik #MPB2B

How Does Uberflip’s Hana Abaza MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B


Individuals that are new to B2B marketing often make the mistake of marketing to target businesses, instead of the individuals within the business. Unfortunately, more seasoned marketers are sometimes guilty of the same blunder. Understanding how best to target and personalize marketing isn’t always easy, and can require additional training and direction from industry experts.

The upcoming MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum (October 20 – 23) will help newbie and experienced B2B marketers alike find their way through the clutter to create marketing programs that truly speak to the needs of their customers. We had the fortunate opportunity to partner with MarketingProfs to bring you insights from some of the top speakers that will be presenting at the upcoming conference.

Today we have part two of our MarketingProfs interview series with Uberflip’s VP of Marketing, Hana Abaza. In this interview you’ll learn more about Uberflip’s take on personalized content and some of the B2B companies that Hana believes are MAKING great marketing today.

Making Marketing Magic with Uberflip’s Hana Abaza

What do you believe is the biggest benefit of making personalized content?

I think marketing in general comes down to trying to drive the objectives of your organization. The more you can optimize for individuals, the tighter your messaging will be and resonate with your target customers. At the end of the day, this will also lead to better conversion rates.

If you can start to personalize the type of content you’re showing people, it can lead to better results for your marketing funnel. When we talk about personalized content, what we are really talking about is more than personalizing the actual content assets and more about displaying the right content to the right person. This can also include taking a deeper dive and beginning to personalize the language used to scale on a global scale which can have a huge impact.

The thought of personalizing content for each prospective customer can seem overwhelming. What advice do you have for marketers that are ready to take the first step, but are unsure where to begin?

This is something that I hear a lot from marketers. The key thing to remember is the degree of personalization that you’re taking with your marketing. I like to think of it as a spectrum of personalization. When you’re first starting, you can begin with segmentation of your audience versus true personalization.

So, instead of 1:1 marketing personalization, you’re taking a 1:many approach by segmenting your audience into buyer personas. The more honed your segmenting capabilities and are, the more personalized your marketing will be for that segment. As you continue down the spectrum, you can get more and more personalized.

There are many tools and technology available to help you on your journey down the specturn. Technology has been a great driver in terms of enabling companies to create personalization based on actual data. For example, at Uberflip we use our tool to tailor user experiences for our audience. Looking at the spectrum as a whole helps clarify where you are today, and what steps you need to take to create truly personalized marketing for your audience.

What drives content creativity at Uberflip?

I love this question. One of the biggest things that drives us is our audience and our customers. We are in a fortunate position at Uberflip because we get to market to marketers. That means we are essentially talking to our peers and people like ourselves. We are able to draw a ton of inspiration and creativity from the people that we are actually talking to, connecting with and creating content for. Nothing pleases us more than when we see one of our customers use Uberflip to leverage amazing content. In short, our customers are constant sources of creativity for us.

What are some examples of B2B companies that you think are making killer marketing right now?

There are so many wonderful examples, but I’m just going to list a few. The first one that comes to mind is Slack. They have a great blog, but that only scratches the surface of what they’re doing. Their great podcast is very top of the funnel and awareness focused whereas their blog is more mid-bottom of the funnel while not focusing soley on their product. The other thing I really like about them is that content is not just a function of their marketing team, it seems to be proliferated through their organization and you can see it everywhere.

slack podcast

Catch up on Slack’s podcast, The Slack Variety Pack

Another amazing content company is Unbounce. They have honestly been creating great content since their company launched.

Unboune Guide Example

View Unbounce’s library of free webinars, eBooks and more

Wistia is another example of a company creating great content. They take video content marketing to the next level.


Visit Wistia’s website for helpful tips and tricks on creating videos that resonate with your audience

Finally, another B2B company I love is, InVision. One of their series profiles designers in a way that presents as part human interst, melded with industry information that people want to know.

InVision Documentary

Watch the trailer for InVision’s new documentary

I know there are a lot of other B2B companies that are doing great marketing, but those are some of the ones I think are creating killer marketing.

As a marketer, who influences you to be a creative marketing magician?

For me personally I love to draw my influences from outside the technology, business and marketing industries. Often we look too inside the bubble we are in instead of drawing influences and creativity from other industries. Learning other domains actually helps take that creativity and something to meld on. I strive to take lessons and things that I learn elsewhere and implement in what I do now.

What inspires you to MAKE marketing magic?

Part of what keeps us going and really compels us to create great marketing is the amazing feedback that we are getting from our audience and our customers.

The other thing that inspires me on a daily basis is the culture that we have developed internally. A lot of companies are shifting towards a model where marketing is really becoming a central part of the organization and is no longer a cost center, but a growth drive. You’ll see this approach thread through the entire organization and positively impact the customer experience. Being able to have that connectivity and support throughout the organization inspires us to do the best that we can do as a united team.

MAKE Your Own Marketing Magic

Thank you Hana! Your insight and energy are truly motivating for others than want to MAKE marketing magic of their own. For more insight on B2B marketing from some of today’s top marketers be sure to check out the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, and our next interview on October 12 with Mark Schaefer.

If you’re already planning on attending MarketingProfs B2B Forum, be sure to check out TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden’s session, Participation Marketing: If You Want B2B Content to Be Great, Ask Your Community to Participate.

Header image via Shutterstock

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© Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®, 2015. | How Does Uberflip’s Hana Abaza MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B |

The post How Does Uberflip’s Hana Abaza MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B appeared first on Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®.

How Does Uberflip’s Hana Abaza MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B

Testing and Optimization: Welcome send test results in 46% open rate for CNET

One of the most discussed sends in email marketing is the welcome email — and for good reason. This first email often acts as the first point of direct contact a customer has with your brand, so the pressure to make it as perfect as possible is there. That’s where testing comes into play.

In her session at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services, CNET, spoke on the importance of testing her brand’s welcome and nurturing series as well as how the brand utilized segmentation to create a more personalized content series. Described by Erin Hogg, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, as a “mentor and teacher here at MarketingSherpa,” Diana has spoken at several brand events and has an impressive amount of experience when it comes to testing.

[Note: MarketingSherpa is the sister company of MarketingExperiments]

The typical CNET user is someone who is interested in technology and wants to research certain technology to reach a buying decision. According to Diana, CNET is the largest tech site in the world, and the site sees over 100 million unique visitors every month. CNET also has a large newsletter portfolio, which includes 23 editorial newsletters that are hand-curated by the brand’s editors, two large marketing newsletters and three deal space newsletters.

“I feel pretty fortunate. I get to play in a pretty large sandbox,” she joked.

One of the most dynamic tests Diana presented during her Summit 2015 presentation tested CNET’s welcome series against five different treatments. This test was conducted with an A/B split design, and the changes to the treatments were made according to three factors:

  • Content
  • Subject lines
  • Advertisements

Watch the video excerpt below to learn how these drastic changes compared to Diana’s original hypothesis of including as much information for the user as possible.


“We had this crazy hypothesis, and it was ‘Tell the user everything,’” Diana said. “We wanted them to know everything about our brand, and this email actually performed very well.”

This initial email included the subject line that CNET always used in its welcome emails, an advertisement and four sections:

  • Product reviews
  • Tech news
  • More newsletters
  • Forums

However, though the Control performed well, there was nothing to benchmark against this first send. Together with a summer intern, Diana determined the three areas of this send she wanted to test and developed the corresponding treatments.

Version 2 and Version 3

Version 2 of the welcome email condensed the Control’s long copy into a simple introductory message and a simple call-to-action, which directed users to the homepage. This version also added an image of a CNET editor.

Version 3 featured the same content from Version 2, but arranged it in a slightly different way. Also, the picture of the editor was replaced with an ad unit.

“Advertising and ad units in our newsletters are very much an important part of our strategy,” Diana explained. “They’re a very nice revenue stream for us, and they help us find some of the initiatives.”

Version 4 and Version 5

Version 4 was essentially the same as Version 3 with one small change — the subject line.

Prior to this test, the brand had been using the subject line, “Welcome to CNET! Let’s get started.” This subject line had been tested many different times and had proven to be victorious. For this treatment, the subject line was subtly changed to “Thanks for joining! Let’s get started.”

Version 5 used the same subject line as Version 4 and also included an image, which was positioned differently. Instead of featuring an editor, this image was a collage of the different types of things users would expect to see on the site.


Version 6

This last treatment, Version 6, utilized all the winning changes from the previous four treatments but added in an ad unit and a block of content. For this content block, only high-traffic pieces were selected.



Through all of this testing, Diana and her team learned that simple worked best. Each test produced an increase in both opens and clickthrough. This welcome email started with a 32% open rate and ended on a 46% open rate. Likewise, the clickthrough rate for these tests increases from 12% to 21%.

“Our hypothesis was wrong. For our brand, less is better,” Diana said. “I really want to stress that — it’s for our brand.”

“Every brand is different, so I really encourage you, if you’re going to do this, that you do test and make sure that what works is good for your brand,” she concluded.

You can follow Kayla Cobb, Reporter, MECLABS Institute, on Twitter at @itskaylacobb.

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Testing and Optimization: Welcome send test results in 46% open rate for CNET

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